Gravity thanks: Saggy, Hangers and Cones


Gravity helps the natural woman to give her breasts a beatiful sag. No breast will keep its juvenile elasticity but will grow in its own beauty.

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hang low

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mia  submitted:

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as you can see I am a bit on the busty side.  I like that I have large breast, but at times they can be an annoyance.  I use to be very athletic but not so much when you have large breast.  It is hard to swing a bat when playing softball.  Going for a run is a whole other story.  That can cause a bit more attention. 

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Hi, These are my 36D breasts. They are saggy and have always been this way. I used to be embarrassed of my saggy breasts, but now I love them. My nipples are pink. They are very sensitive. I have much pleasure from them. They react to the cold so well that I see peoples eyes being drawn to them. This can be quite embarrassing and also quite a turn on. I love breasts! Well done for making me show my breasts for the first time in public. Thank you ;) x

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Try walking around with my breasts all day. This is a picture after I stopped nursing, so I was, if you can imagine, even bigger then. Band size: 36. Cup size: I will just say that an F is too small. I have a hard time finding a bra that will fit correctly. Many times I will wear a sports bra but they can become uncomfortable, I’m sure you can understand the why of that.

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45lover 😊

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45lover 😊

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