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Gravity helps the woman to give her breasts a natural sag. All breasts lose their juvenile elasticity, but gain a beautiful sag.
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A bird on your cock is worth two in the bush

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Hildy aka Helen

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I think my sister felt a bit guilty for asking me to stay at my place until she got back on her feet. She offered to clean the house weekly. However, she would always wear her pajamas which exposed a lot of her cleavage. I think this was another way of repaying me. I can’t say that I minded, but a part of me wished she would go further… No! I can’t ask that of my sister. That’s not right. On the other hand, I could feel my heart beating quickly, my cock getting harder… I had to ask her.

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By contract I am obligated to show you something at least once a day.  This is my contribution for today.  Ok, I lied.  I like showing my breasts.  Of course you could not tell that, could you…

Just the lady next door



Good Saturday morning! I peel myself out of my nightie and change into my housecleaning uniform (yeah, that’s right, I prefer cleaning naked)  I plan on a wildly productive morning.  Hope you have one as well.

Just the housecleaning lady next door.

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Hildy aka Helen, 1970s Tit Queen.

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